WTL8200 CNC Portable Wheel Lathe

The revolutionary CNC Low Profile Portable Locomotive Wheel Lathe from Delta Manufacturing is the precise, portable, and affordable solution to locomotive wheel truing.  The CNC Portable Wheel Lathe eliminates the cost of shipping wheel sets or an entire locomotive to a reconditioning facility.  It reduces the downtime associated with wheel maintenance programs and is a fraction of the cost of an under-floor system. The Delta Lathe is fast, precise and safe. The CNC Portable Wheel Lathe provides an accurate profile that can be used in a shop or in the field.

Delta’s CNC Portable Wheel Lathe will provide a great cost savings to your company. Truing a set of wheels will take approximately 4–6 hours to complete depending on the condition of the wheels. This is a relatively short time to recondition an entire 4 or 6 axle locomotive, which gives you the opportunity to schedule your wheel maintenance often, and in turn, lengthen the life of your wheels and prevent expensive violations and fines. In the field, you have the ability to take Delta’s portable wheel lathe to a disabled locomotive that has flat spots and re-profile the wheels at that location. Delta’s wheel lathe will re-profile your wheels to help avoid damages to the track and switches. Once you multiply the savings per locomotive by your entire fleet, you will definitely see the quick payback of the initial investment and long-term savings this wheel lathe will provide your company.

Portable Wheel Lathe Advantages

  • On locomotive wheel lathe truing
  • Use in shop or on-site
  • Easy set-up and operation of the locomotive wheel lathe
  • CNC Low Profile Portable Locomotive Wheel Lathe allows minimal brake rigging removal while giving more access room on 6 axle locomotives
  • No need for operator to be under the locomotive during operation
  • Safe – keeps operators away from razor sharp shavings
  • CNC controlled for accurate profile
  • Perfect profile with superior finish
  • Custom profiles per your specification
  • Maximum wheel life with minimal wheel loss
  • Eliminates the cost associated with shipping the wheel sets or an entire locomotive to a reconditioning facility
  • Reduces labor and cost
  • Bottom line – cost savings and quick return on investment

Requirements for Operation

  • DC Locomotive
    • In Shop: Power the DC traction motor with a DC 400-600 amp 100% duty cycle CC/CV welder
    • Out in Field: Power the DC traction motor with a DC 500-600 amp 100% duty cycle CC/CV portable welder/generator
  • AC Locomotive
    • Power the AC traction motor with an AC power supply provided through Delta Manufacturing
  • Minimum of two 50 ton heavy-duty mechanical locking jacks placed under the journal box, to lift the wheel sets off the track
  • 208-230 volt single phase for control cabinet power
  • Basic hand tools and brake shoes keys or wedges
  • Proper safety equipment


Patented In:  United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France and Germany